Welcome to the Zouk Atoms!

Would you like to learn this beautiful Brazilian dance in a way that prepares your body and your mind to move in any direction? Then you are in the right place! ;-)

Memorizing and just repeating dance steps is over! With the zouk atoms you will learn the different footwork patterns that define our movement on the dance floor and combine them like never before!

In this course we will:

  • learn the timing of zouk and dance the basic step on the spot.
  • get the first basics of the system of the zouk atoms
  • learn the basic step on the line, to the front and backward
  • learn the lateral step
  • learn the cross step
  • combine the first footwork patterns in new ways

And the best of all: It's for free! You only need to create your account and then you can start learning! 

 Let's go!

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction

  • 2

    The Basic Step on the Spot

    • The Timing that We Use in the Courses

    • The Eight with the Hips

    • The Basic Step on the Spot

  • 3

    The Basic Step on the Line: FB-0 + BF-0

    • FB-0

    • BF-0

    • The Basic Step on the Line

  • 4

    The Lateral Step: FF-180

    • FF-180

    • Viradinha

    • The Lateral Step with Partner

    • The Lateral with Body Contact

    • Lateral with Basic Step Going Around

    • Classic Possibilities for the Lateral Step

  • 5

    The Cross Step: BB-R-180

    • BB-R-180

    • BB-R-180 from the Basic Step

  • 6

    Combining the First Four Atoms

    • Exercise with the First Four Atoms

    • Combi 1: Lateral Going Around and Cross Step

    • Combi 2: Viradinha with Turn for the Leader and Cross Step

    • Combi 3: Lateral with Turn for the Leader and Cross Step