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Reasons for followers to learn the Zouk Atoms

  • Dance steps that you’ve never danced before! Your technique will allow you to follow without knowing the steps.

  • Fight automatism and be ready to move in any direction. The dance with the zouk atoms is unpredictable and you cannot anticipate the leading anymore. You will be more present and have more flow.

  • Improve your head movements by learning to connect the frame with both footwork and headwork. Dance beautiful and fluent head movements with a safe technique.

  • Become a universal follower: learn different tools to adapt your connection, frame, and body structure to the different situations and partners.

This course is not directly related to the Zouk Atoms, but it will give you an overview of the following techniques and contains more than two hours and a half of recorded material. We will show you what does it mean to focus on the fundamental parts of your own technique: 

  • The contact with the partner
  • The frame
  • The body structure
  • The footwork
  • The headwork

In the end, we will give you an idea, what does it mean to learn zouk with the atoms. 

This course is included in the Traditional Zouk Atoms, a bundle with 11 courses about the zouk atoms, the footwork, and the headwork (see below).

The Perfect Training for the Followers!

Prepare your body to move in any direction

Here comes the secret to develop a bulletproof technique: To repeat consistently some central ideas from very different points of view. With the Zouk Atoms, we will first focus on a good technique with a straight body position. The course for the Follower’s technique will be repeated over-and-over again through many different footwork lessons. Then we will move to the head movements.

How is the structure of the different courses?

  • The Traditional Zouk Atoms: We start with the traditional footwork of Brazilian Zouk (5 courses). This is the time to learn to connect the different parts of the body. Then we will move to the head movements (3 courses). In this bundle of courses, the Follower Technique and the Leading courses are included.
  • The New Atoms Set 1: Yes! You're reading right! There are a lot of new footwork patterns out there waiting for you to be danced! We will learn 9 new atoms and how they open the door to new and amazing head movements (6 courses). Exciting stuff!

To get maximum benefit out of the Zouk Atoms lessons, we recommend training with a partner. If you can’t find a partner, that’s still okay!

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