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We want to provide you a system to organize the information of zouk from its core: the footwork.

In a very basic way, dance means to connect with our partner, transfer the weight together and set the steps on a given rhythm. After this, zouk will offer us a lot of amazing possibilities: waves, isolations, head movements, counter balances... But the footwork stays at the heart of the dance, defining how we move on the dance floor.

We will show you the structure behind the scenes. We still remember our first dance classes, with the dance teacher as a guru teaching strange dance rituals and choreographies. It was difficult to connect the dots and to see the forest of possibilities that zouk can offer us. This is exactly what the zouk atoms will do for you.

The Structure of the Courses

We would love to show you step by step the way of thinking of the zouk atoms. That's why we've divided the courses into two blocks: 

The Traditional Zouk Atoms

We will translate first traditional zouk into the language of the atoms:

  • Footwork: You will have 5 courses explaining up to 25 different footwork patterns and -very important- learning how to combine all of them. The difficulty of the courses grows gradually. 
  • Headwork: 3 courses that will help you to add head movements to any footwork and to make fluent transitions. 
  • Follower technique: a course for the followers that focus on having a technique that allows you to move in any direction without anticipating the leading. You can visit this course for itself (see below).
  • Leading:  a course with a collection of exercises to improve the skills of the leaders. This course can be visited for itself (see below).

The New Zouk Atoms

The same logic of the zouk atoms made us discover a lot of new footwork patterns and we would love to share them with you! In the New Atoms Set 1 you will find: 

  • The Golden Loops: 3 courses to discover 3 new atoms and to combine them with other atoms, creating what we call The Golden Loops. They are just amazing!
  • New Atoms with Body Contact: 3 courses about new atoms that we can use comfortably in the close embrace.
  • Every time we introduce a new pattern, we combine it with others and add head movements. 

Both bundles of courses have "The Basics of the System", where we explain the main concepts of the system of the atoms and which are the most important body dynamics to understand them.

Follower Technique and Leading

Both included in the Traditional Zouk Atoms but you can purchase them separately.

The courses about the Follower Technique and the Leading are not directly related to the zouk atoms and you can purchase them separately. Every course has more than two hours and a half of recorded material and you will find inside a lot of useful exercises to improve your social dancing. 

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