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Reasons for leaders to learn the Zouk Atoms

  • The times when you are at the party thinking “What can I lead next?” and feeling that your mind is blocked are over. You will see new possibilities and create in real-time at the parties.

  • Dancing Zouk will never again consist of remembering and repeating small choreographies that you’ve learned in previous classes. You will surprise the followers with new moves they didn’t know they could do!

  • Get a very good foundation dancing on a regular beat.

  • Become clear at leading because you will understand the body movement of the followers better.

From Zero to Hero

Change the way you think the dance

When you understand how the different footwork patterns for the follower work and how they are naturally connected, the dance changes: You stop using the memory to lead and start playing with the different possibilities in real-time. You create more and the dance is always interesting for the follower because she/he doesn't know what's coming next. There will be more flow and fun for everybody!

How will you reach that point? Learning step-by-step the different footwork patterns and combining them in very different ways:

  • The Traditional Zouk Atoms: We start with the traditional footwork of Brazilian Zouk (5 courses) and then we add the technique for the head movements (3 courses). We recommend starting here to get you thinking about the way of the atoms. Ultimately, learning to combine the footwork and head movement is the key!
  • The New Atoms Set 1: Yes! You're reading right! There are a lot of new footwork patterns out there waiting for you to create in your dance! We will learn 9 new atoms and how they open the door to new and amazing head movements (6 courses). Exciting stuff!

To get maximum benefit out of the Zouk Atoms lessons, we recommend training with a partner. If you can’t find a partner, that’s still okay!

If you want to get a first taste of the courses and the zouk atoms, you can enroll in the "Introductory Course to the Zouk Atoms" for free!

Are you looking for a way to improve your leading? We created this new leading course: a collection of exercises that will help you to improve and sharpen different sides of your leading. We will help you with following (some examples):

  • Your body posture
  • The leading from the frame
  • How to listen to the body of the follower and lead her/his center
  • How to prepare movements
  • How to open and close spaces
  • How to play with the speed

The "Leading" Course is included in the bundle of courses of the "Traditional Zouk Atoms".

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