Zouk Connects the World!

The story of Olga and Fernando is the story of two people, from Russia and Spain, meeting each other dancing Brazilian zouk in the Netherlands (Breda), speaking in English, and living and teaching in Bremen, Germany.

Fernando Rodriguez

In the life before zouk, Fernando was born in Madrid, studied philosophy, and moved to Germany. 2008 he got the zouk-virus from Junior Carvalho in Bremen. Any medicine has helped him since then. Dancing, teaching, and traveling was the normal life before Corona. When the world stopped, he saw the opportunity of collecting 10 years of teaching experience under the central idea of the zouk atoms. Always look at the bright side of life!

Olga Kostrova

Like a good Russian lady, Olga started her dance career at the age of 5 with the traditional Russian folk dance. She completed her musical studies in the school time and at the university she met the world of couple dances. Then she fell in love first with kizomba and after that with zouk. She has a technical mind and the eyes of an eagle. Do you know this teacher that sees absolutely everything in the classes? This is Olga. Followers, prepare yourself!

The holy mission of the zouk atoms

The zouk atoms were born with a mission: to improve social dancing and the flow. Leaders and followers are used to learning sequences in the regular classes. Later on the dance floor, they try to remember and repeat these small choreographies, dancing from the memory. The zouk atoms bring them back to here and now. The leaders see and combine possibilities in real-time and the followers focus on their technique and prepare their bodies to move in any direction. The students report that their fun and creativity are reaching the next level thanks to the zouk atoms!