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Would you like to learn this beautiful Brazilian dance in a way that prepares your body and your mind to move in any direction? Then you are in the right place! ;-)

Memorizing and just repeating dance steps is over! With the zouk atoms, you will learn the different footwork patterns that define our movement on the dance floor and combine them like never before!

In this course, you will:

  • see how your dance could change after (and during!) learning the zouk atoms
  • take a taste of the courses about the Traditional Zouk Atoms
  • make yourself an idea about the New Zouk  Atoms

You will find a lot of exercises to check everything for yourself!

And the best of all: It's for free! You only need to create your account and then you can start learning! 

Let's go!

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction

  • 2

    Reasons to Learn the Zouk Atoms + Exercises

    • Combine More

    • Create More

    • Pure Following Without Choreographies

    • Improve the Head Movements

  • 3

    The Traditional Zouk Atoms

    • Footwork

    • Headwork

    • Follower Technique

    • Leading

  • 4

    The New Zouk Atoms

    • The Golden Loops

    • New Atoms with Body Contact

    • Thank you!