Never Stop Improving your Leading!

Good leading is the best gift you can make to any follower! 

A good leading is comfortable, clean, smooth, playful. It respects the body of the follower and makes every dance memorable. And there is only one condition to reach a high level: to know and accept that you can improve every leading. At the time, that we stop working on it, it gets only worst. 

In this course, we will focus on four main areas to improve: 

  •  Your own body: with topics like the right body position or how to lead from the frame. 
  • The body of the follower: learning for example to listen to the body of the follower, to lead her/his center, having a comfortable contact.
  • Time: the right timing to prepare to moves, or how to lead faster or slower. 
  • Space: painting clean lines on the dance floor and learning to open and close spaces. 

You will find inside of the course more than two and a half hours of recorded materials with exercises that you can easily integrate into your personal training to become a great leader. 

Let's go!

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Mindset

  • 2

    Leader's Body

    • Body Position

    • Leading from the Frame

    • Moving Yourself with the Follower

  • 3

    The Follower's Body and the Contact

    • Comfortable Contact

    • Listening to the Body of the Follower

    • Leading the Center of the Follower

    • Physical Leading VS Leading with Invitation

    • Adapting to the Follower

  • 4


    • Stepping at the Same Time than the Follower

    • Leading Slower and Faster

    • Notice about Counting

    • The Timing of the Preparation

  • 5


    • Directions and Lines

    • Opening and Closing Spaces

  • 6


    • Introduction

    • Traditional Zouk Atom: FB-R-180

    • FB-R-180 + BF-360

    • FB-R-180 with Head Movements

    • New Zouk Atom: SS-R-360

    • SS-R-360 behind the Follower

    • SS-R-360 with Head Movements