The New Atoms are Waiting for You!

  • Learn new patterns and upgrade your footwork

    Learn 9 new footwork patterns that will make your dance unpredictable and always surprising

  • Dance new amazing head movements

    The follower will be able to dance refreshing head movements going in any direction

  • Create more at the parties

    You will understand better the single elements of the dance and this will allow you to create more on the social dance floor and to follow better

Watch Intro Video

Welcome to this bundle of 7 courses about the new zouk atoms. The new zouk atoms are new footwork patterns that will add, together with the head movements, a lot of new and exciting possibilities to your dance! 

  • We will start with one introductory course about the basics of the system of the zouk atoms and head movements. Even if these are your first courses about the zouk atoms, you will have enough material to understand everything from the beginning. 
  • Then you will have three courses about what we call the Golden Loops. With three new atoms, we will create three mesmerizing loops and add them head movements. This will be sooo much fun!
  • The last three courses contain 6 new atoms that will be danced in different ways in close embrace and you will find them in an open position too.  

7 Courses with more than 70 lessons and 8 hours of recorded material. 

Be careful: the new atoms are highly addictive! 

7 courses to get new ideas for your dance!