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Learn Brazilian Zouk with the Zouk Atoms

Discover new possibilities to improve your social dancing

Zouk Atoms is a new system to learn Brazilian Zouk. It will help you to discover new possibilities and have more freedom and fun on the dance floor by understanding this one single element of the dance. You will feel like seeing the Matrix of Zouk!
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What is a single Zouk atom?

A Zouk atom is a basic footwork pattern consisting of a unit of three steps. We have created a simple, yet powerful system with the most common dancing footwork patterns of traditional Zouk and it opens up a lot of new possibilities. You will love it!

Footwork is Freedom!

The footwork defines the way how we move on the dance floor and the Zouk Atoms shows you, which are the different footwork patterns that we can dance on a regular beat and how to combine them. Do you want to learn how to move at any time in any direction? If yes, then let's talk about footwork!

The head movement is a technique that you can add to any footwork.

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Advantages of learning the Zouk atoms

  • More Freedom & Creativity

    Prepare your body and your mind to move in any direction and learn new footwork patterns and very fluent head movements that feel amazing! You will combine the different Zouk elements in new ways.

  • Improve Your Connection

    The focus on pure leading and pure following will help you to synchronize better with your partner.

  • A Clear Learning Structure

    The system of the atoms will give you a clear structure to learn the footwork, the headwork, the follower technique, and the leading. Your technique will grow organically from the basics to the most advanced patterns.

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How can the zouk atoms help you?

Watch Intro Video

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