• Get the full picture of the footwork of zouk

    Learn the 25 footwork patterns that define the way we are moving in Brazilian zouk

  • Learn to add head movements to any footwork

    Visit three full courses to learn how to add the headwork to any footwork and create beautiful and fluent transitions

  • Improve your follower technique and leading skills

    Prepare your body and mind to move in any direction, being able to dance with every leader and every follower

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In this bundle of courses, you will learn the footwork and the headwork of traditional zouk in a new way and it will help to combine more and to have more fun on the dance floor. We will reduce the footwork to its basic patterns and learning will not consist any more of memorizing long sequences: You will understand how the single elements work and combine them in real-time at the party. The leaders will create more and the followers will be able to move in any direction. 

Inside you will find: 

  • One course explaining the basics of the system.
  • Five courses about the footwork, where we translate every pattern to the language of the atoms and learn how to combine them
  • One course about follower technique that helps the follower to be ready to move in any direction.
  • One more course about leading, to help the leaders to get a clean and comfortable leading that respects the body and the movement of the follower. 
  • Three courses about head movements, explaining the theory and then demonstrating it with a lot of examples. 

In numbers: 11 courses with 140 lessons and 15 hours of recorded material.

Are you ready for it? 

Let’s go! 

11 Courses to Learn to Dance Zouk in a Different Way!